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Living on the same planet with same characteristics (human beings) – being same creatures but difference in desires and emotions, that’s the magic of culture – simply. It is a fact of no surprise -being an Asian; you will hate to get a tan complexion. You will buy whitening products and use them on daily basis (sometimes day, sometimes night). You would always want to be a most beautiful person (especially women) and your beauty is actually the degree of your white and fair complexion. More you will glow, more appreciation you would receive

Being a European, you would like to have a good fair complexion, but being pale – you will hate your complexion… you will go to dermatologists, always running after tanning products, wants a golden- brown glow over your skin and attractive look – for sure!

The ancient Romans (especially the women) were considered beautiful with a white flash… more pale more beautiful they were thought! There is a large amount of written documents, still in Rome’s libraries…about the incidents of Romanian women – how they played with their lives – just for having pale skins. There were lots of women who died by rubbing chalks and drinking paints (myth: drinking white liquids convert brown skin into white)!

Tanning magic – not interesting for Asian women

From last few decades, tanning products have gained huge respect throughout the world. Mainly in Europe, you would observe 65% of people sitting on beaches or applying best tanning lotions and enjoying the tanning sessions. In spite of so much publications, articles and blogs about tanning products and their use and abuse – Asian women are not attracted towards the golden – brown attractive flash and still there is a sort of same misconception like fairer the skin – pretty you would be considered!

Skin nature of Asians – few interesting facts

  • Asian women have better elastic and mechanical skin properties.

  • The Asian get hyper pigmentations but get late wrinkles

  • On average, there is a huge production of melanin in Asian bodies. So, they have greater redness on their skin

  • Among Asian, Japanese have the pale skin while Indians have greatest redness on their skins.

  • Winters are considered as optimal season for the skin tone of Asians. Summers are considered as worst regarding their complexion

  • Generally , Japanese skins are considered the ideal ( less degradation with time) while Indians have worst skin

Whitening products versus tanning lotions

There are different whitening products which are available in markets. Like tanning products, whitening products have captured whole market. The whitening products are creams, lotions, bleaches and gels etc. On the other hand, tanning products include lotions, oils and sprays …

Both tanning products and whitening products have high risk. Both whitening products and tanning products consist of such ingredients that are not highly recommended by FDA. You must use high standard and branded products on your skin always.

So, precisely speaking, pale skin is happiest choice for Asian women while glowing golden attractive skin is the choice for European woman. Whether you are European or Asian, you have to prefer natural products as a first choice, on your skin!

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What are memory foams? They are viscous-elastic foams and perhaps, because of this quality, they are better than many other types of foam, available in the markets. Memory foams were very expensive once, but they have become cheap now.  They consist of different items like mattresses, pillows, and blankets. They are suitable for bedding and seating both. Memory foam is best from medical point of view. Its heat-regulating properties gives you an additional warming sensation that helps in alleviation of different sorts of pains and aches.

Characteristics of Standard Memory Foam

  • Denser than other foams

  • Higher in rates than other available foams

  • More supportive and heavier than other foams

  • Distributes body pressure evenly throughout the foam

  • Have longer life span

  • Moreover, Memory foams have gained highest customer satisfaction rate worldwide.

This is the research based fact that memory foams have the highest market rating and 85% of customer worldwide rely on this type of foam and give preference to them. But like every product there are some flaws in memory foams too. This article is developed to give you best knowledge about the memory foam. Moreover, you will read effects and impacts of memory foams on your body, in this article. Now we will discuss some pros and cons of memory foam next.

Pros and Cons

  1. Benefits

Following are some of the benefits of memory foam

  1. Memory foam gives you best relaxation positions

  2. This foam has the tendency to support your head and body equally

  3. Memory foams distribute the pressure of your body evenly.

  4. It has anti allergic and heat regulation properties.

  5. Memory foam alleviates your stress and gives you proper rest

  6. This foam provides you with correct alignment of your spine

  1. Flaws

Following are few flaws of memory foam

  1. The only disadvantage of memory foam is its high rate. It is expensive and not an economical product

  2. You might feel excessive sweating due to its heat-regulating technology.

This was all about the pros and cons of memory foam. Memory foams were originated and manufactured with the core knowledge and base of medical background. Memory foams were initially used in medical care units. These were used in hospitals to give immobility and firmness in bed to those patients having back aches and spinal alignment issues. Memory foams were used initially to give patient better blood circulation system by their pressure distribution properties. We are going to discuss some very basic impacts of such foams on your body alignment and posture

Effects of Memory Foam on Your Body

  1. Head and neck (the central nervous system)

  • Memory foams prevents headaches, jaw aches, half headaches e.g. migraines and tinnitus

  • Memory foams give relaxation to the gray matter of your brain

  • Memory foam can reduce general neck rigidity and pains. Moreover it reduces the discomfort also

  • Memory foam relaxes the nerves of your neck and alleviates the stress.

  1. Shoulders and arms

  • Alleviates shoulder tenderness and fibromyalgia.

  • Prevents shoulder aches and pains

  • Prevents elbow rigidity and allergy related problems on arms and hands

  • Reduces numbness and pin and needle sensations

  1. Back and spinal cord alignments

  • Stable and appropriate alignment of spine

  • Reduces back aches and muscular pain

  • Alleviates scoliosis pain

  • In lower region, adequate pelvic and lumber support

  • Prevents sciatica and nervous root pains

  • Relieves joint aches

  • Provides best recovery condition after surgeries

  • General back inflammation and sores can be alleviated.

  1. Chest and ribs

  • Lower chances of cardiac problems

  • Enhances good breathing

  • Synchronizes heart and breathe rate

  1. Knees, ankles and feet

  • Alleviates bones and joint inflammation of legs

  • Prevents arthritic conditions

  • Mitigates sore ankles and inflammation of tendons

So after reading such beneficial effects of memory foams lead you to think that technology and advancements in memory foams are not less than blessings. Buy standard memory foams (mattresses, seating and blankets etc) and enjoy better sleep and health!

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Famous for off-road traction and toughness with Super swamper tires, whether you are a four-swing, rock crawling, mud bogging or trail running, super busy with work no nonsense, aggressive tire design you need to conquer any terrain. Many renowned manufacturers brought a wide selection of Super swampers include M16, Thornbird, SSR, Bogger, TSL / SX, and more! Super swamper mud tires are built with top quality materials designed to resist puncture, tire design and functionality for all off-road environments. The large paint jobs and fancy hard or soft tops as well. However, the tire determines the image that makes onlookers gawked and maneuverability to allow the car to get around, the beach, and run through a trip to the satisfaction of the driver and operator guest. For off-roader passions with you many of the super people and Jeep Tires Tires are fully exhibited in any 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) stores throughout the United States.

There are many large tires, the best mud tires for sale to be purchased. Featured products for the off-road enthusiast is TSL Bias Ply, TrXus Mud Terrain, Radial IROK, TrXus STS All Terrain Radial, Radial TSL, TSL Bogger. All the best mud tire for sale are in stock in a variety of sizes. This article will provide useful information about the super swamper atv tires review.


·         Bogger TSL Super Swamper Tires: When it comes to design and tread fierce drive through the slime and mud, Super Swamper TSL Bogger Tires are built with the professional. It will exceed even the gooiest slop hole easily. With a vicious tread design, with puncture and tear resistant hip, you will hardly believe that claws mud professional level is street legal. Do not attempt to leave the field pioneered hardcore, super people busy with work also done a great Boggers on stone, sand, deep snow, and the trails. Finally, with the changes easier to cut, open, and pro stock classes, the tire super busy with work even driving in mud - they just jump in the mud grows legs and runs away .

·         Super Swamper Radial IROK: When making your trip through mud, snow, ice, sand, super swamper Radial IROK provide better traction without sacrificing toughness. In addition, the tread pattern visually bring less noise on the open road. These tires have the ability to climb steep hills and rough, the toughest mountain.

·         Super Swamper LTB Tires with improved features, equivalent to a bias tire so aggressive. Lugs inside was redesigned with a new, constructive steps to better self-cleaning, and larger lug is offset more to the outside even more enhanced traction. Plies stronger and hips also reinforced to better protect against punctures, bruises, and split tires. With enhanced lugs for better traction, endurance, durability is the most prominent feature of it

·         Super Swamper M16 Tires are flexible with ability to navigate through the area during off-road excellence through all the associated terrain. This tire has a remarkable design that really made a serious impact and sets it apart in a crowd. Produced by the Interco Tire Corporation, highway M16 is friendly and very quiet for a tire with good performance this way. t is a great tire that bridge the gap between the terrain and very aggressive all the tires and the road has a compact design that will enhance the appearance of any vehicle, the design featured fierce which makes super Swampers frightening to behold, but completely functional and efficient.

·         TSL Thornbird Super Swamper Tires: With a spectacular design, flexibility with a unique tread pattern optimized for performance, Super people you many of the TSL Thornbird 4x4 truck tires is a benchmark in flexibility for off-road truck tires , combines the best of all terrain and off-road performance. Mixing function with style in Thornbird TSL.  This is one of those rare products in the performance arena combines top quality with style. The bird comes with majestic presence that is characteristic of the brand super busy with work and combining three phase center groove that gives traction on hard surfaces and grooves provide outstanding tire more traction when navigation through snow and mud is necessary.

Above is the typical product line of cheap mud tires. Certainly diverse choice from design to function will prevent you from being surprised by the quality that it brings.